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Welcome to UK Girlfriends have a look at this little lot of British girlfriends we have inside on FILM being very dirty. The ladies you see are from all around the United Kingdom and having sex on film is something they do for the pleasure, not for the money! Take a look at the FREE sample film clips below and let our UK Girlfriends entertain you in the filthiest and most erotic ways ways possible!

Kate is student who is a self confessed sex addict, there she enjoys a lass as well as cheeky older fellas claiming

"I have two girlfriends in the UK and one in Ireland (giggles) my friends would go crazy if they knew you were filming me playing with my pussy"

Well we don't mind, in fact Kate we dam well encourage you to play with that tight pussy of yours a lot lot more!


Bubbly blonde Karina was an instant hit with us when she turned up, the only thing on the British girls mind was sex and before we got the cameras rolling she was acting all tarty with her stud for the day. Still watching Karina behaving like a real slut is all part of the job!

"I spend all day being really girly and doing makeup for other girls all day long at work, sex is like an outlet and no guy is safe when I have not had a shag in 24 hours"


Sadie is a city girl who's wardrobe is full of business clothing and her drawers are stuffed with lacey knickers seamed black stockings, she explained..

"Office work really gets boring and there are just women on my floor, the only fun I get through the day is when the window cleaner comes or the photo copier gets fixed. That's why I wear stockings you see, so I can have a sneaky wank, I can't help myself!"


Vickie Powell needs no introduction neither does she need a rumble in the jungle or to be locked in the celeb Big Brother house to boost her army of male fans. Her boobs have grace our newspapers bring much needed sunshine to dark winter mornings.

What you would not have seen before are the movies that Vicky stars in taking massive cocks and big rubber toys in to her very tight British cunt. She loves it ALL!


Cock hungry Taylor can think of nothing better to do with her spare time as a bore housewife and is always on hand to relieve the guys we line up. This very attractive blonde has all the qualities of a footballers wife!

"Cock is great and the cum is one of the nicest things I have ever tasted, I love walking around Chelsea looking at fit lads wondering what they taste like"

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